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Black Ends Light Blue's Season

Written by Peter Gammons on 05-28-2003

Win in a 10-9 nail biter behind Eric Shold and Antonio Matos's power hitting.

Light blue jumped to a 4-0 lead, trying to rally a victory in the absense of their star player Yralee Mendez, still serving her five day suspension, as well as hot young hitter James Gough. They wanted to win it for her badly, and they almost did, but this just was not the year for lgt. Blue.

They played well all year but could not seem to muster the wins when needed. Leo pitched great, Jonathan Lebron fields everything that comes his way, David Mojica was a surprise rookie phenom, MARY KAYE was one of the top female batters this season, Jennifer Usher just kept getting better with every game, co-Captain Domingo is the fastest player in the league, Trevor translated cricket into baseball in an unprecedented fashion, Kenny Li served notice to the league that he will be a force next year, and even Principal Vivian pitched in to help their cause, but sometimes the ball bounces the other way.

Still the Light Blue sluggers have nothing to be ashamed of, all year they played with fire and heart, staging two of the most dramatic comebacks in landmark softball history. Even in todays game they rallied three runs in the seventh and had the tying and potential winning run on second base,....but this year did not go their way. This is fortunate for the other teams who saw the talent on light blue from the beginning. Said Trevor, "We played hard and earned the respect of our opponents and of each other, and that is a tribute to the character of this team." He is absolutely right.

For Black it is a different story, they looked terrible in many games but they never quit, and now it has paid off. "I'm so happy, and so proud of this group," boasted captain Elizabeth. "We are ready for the Red squad, bring them on," shouted an enthusiastic Antonio, who went three for three with three runs scored. "Now we get a chance to see Siu and company whine and cry," announced hard hitting Eric, who went three for three with four rbi's.

Be on the great lawn on thursday (b or c train to 81st str) to see Black and Red square off.

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