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Black Stuns the Mighty Red Team

Written by Peter Gammons on 05-29-2003

Winning 7-6 in a nailbiter, with two runs in the top of the seventh, Black has done the impossible, defeated the JJ-Red squad that dominated all season long.

"Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan," remarked President Kennedy once, that could never be more true than on the Great Lawn in Central Park today.

As the Black team jumped up and down and celebrated the unexpected win, Joel and Jill's Red crew stood stunned. "It was like people in a photograph, everyone stood still, barely breathing," said a stunned Dania Diaz.

Aidee stood stunned, fighting the tears in her eyes, "I can't believe we lost." Jill said, "Gotta wait til basketball I guess."

Cecil was out of control, drowning in his own disappointment, he even refused to shake hands, causing the league officials to discuss his punishment. Could it be suspension for his next game, the All Star game?

Joel was visibly disappointed but accepted defeat like a real man. "A lot of things went wrong for us today, and they played well," he said. And many things did go wrong, MVP candidate Flete left the game in the fourth inning to attend to some trivial matters (a job interview), Anthony had a hit ball by Jill knock him in his foot, causing the offensive interference call to be made for the first time this year. Jill was looking at two RBI's and a larger red lead, but instead the inning ended. Ten walks also did not help the Red's cause, nor did only getting one run in the sixth inning when they started with men on second and third with no outs and Cecil up. They only managed one run that inning, and it proved to be one too few.

Who could believe this from a team that scored more than twice as many runs as any other team in the league, and batted over .600 as a unit, compared to black's .396 average.

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