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Landmark High School Students Experience Outward Bound Adventure

Written by JoAnna Bueckert on 06-12-2003

On Memorial Day weekend 20 selected Landmark High Students and 4 teachers braved the wind and rain, climbed trees, scaled walls, walked on tight ropes high in the air and adventured into new terrirtory with Outward Bound.

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, as I was packed into a van with Landmark High students returning from our Outward Bound trip, I felt like the luckiest teacher in New York City.

The weekend had been rainy and cold. Many of us had not been in cabins before, not been in the wilderness before and not been away from our families for a whole weekend; but I never heard a complaint, not once.

What I did get to see, hear and experience was a diverse group of 20 teenagers and 4 teachers embark on an Outward Bound adventure that we will not forget. As a group we went on blindfolded trust walks in the forest, we swung on ropes, we scaled walls, we walked on tight ropes and logs many, many feet above the ground and we cooperated as a group to conquer various obstacle courses.

I think everyone did something they didn�t think they could do. One shy student learned to speak up and guide their group through an obstacle course. Another more gregarious student learned to ask questions and listen to others rather than always being the one in command. Many of us learned to conquer a fear of heights. All of us got to know each other better and all of us appreciated this weekend away from the city to talk, listen, laugh, strive and learn. For photos, click here.

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