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Pinstripes Head to the Championship

Written by Tom Boswell on 06-03-2003

In a Game With Five Lead Changes, Pinstripe Emerges Victorious.

Pinstripe was down, up, down again, up, down again and then won the game on the fine last at bat hitting of Hector, Ingrid and Elpedio. Pinstripe won the game on all around solid play and the gentlemanly ways of Dark Blue's Jason. Jason had the opportunity to score the go ahead run in the top of the 7th but it meant bowling over the opposite team's pitcher. He refused to take the chance of hurting her, headed back to third and was caught in an opportunistic run down. Otherwise,Pinstripe made all the plays they needed to in the field and and played sound fundamental ball on the base path. That gave them the edge to win the game by one run (8-7). Dark Blue's Captain vowed to come back the next year and take the whole thing. He and the rest of the team regret having lost but are most of all thankful that no one got hurt.

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