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Black Become Landmark Softball Champs -2003

Written by Peter Gammons on 06-03-2003

Defeat Pinstripe 11-5 in a one sided victory in Central Park today.

Was it the great pitching tandem of Antonio Matos and Eric Shold? Was it the hard hitting of Kelman Torres? Was it the smart walks and hustle of the girls of the black team; Elizabeth, Arienny and Zaira? Or maybe it is just an overall team effort, of smart hitting and solid defense. "There is no easy out in that entire line-up" stated Siu Chan, watching in the stands, as his big Red Machine team fell to Black last week.

Said co-Captain Jihad, "I knew we were going to win this thing right after the draft." Such confidence was brewing today, but was absent throughout most of the season, as Black, the 4th playoff seed, with a 2-6 record during the season, looked mediocre for most of the season. "We saved the best for last," shouted a proud Kenneth Eaddy. Most would now agree, as the 7-6 win over Red last week and the 10-9 win over Lt. Blue to get into the playoffs do not look like flukes now. "It's time we were given our respect in school," Antonio said.

See the Black team get officially crowned champions at the Sports Award Ceremony on June 16th, Monday the last day of school, at 2:45pm. Snacks and refreshments will be served. Also see the various individual awards such as MVP, Rookie of the Year, Captain of the Year, Best Defensive Player, Best Pitcher, and many others. Also the awards in Girls and Boys basketball as well as girl's track will be handed out. Come support the best athletes in Landmark.

Also don't forget the Teachers vs the All-stars on Friday June 13th, at 3:30 at Hecksher field nearby school. The record head to head is 2-2, so this will determine which team has the best athletes. Although the students are quite understandably nervous facing the Two Ericks, Siu, Richard, Trevor, Dennis, Jeff, Alex, Vivian, Mary Kaye, Kristin, Aarthi, Johanna, Rennee, Chris, Jim, and mean swinging Zulma, among others. Last year the students won by one run in the bottom of the seventh. "No chance we are losing this year, " cited Siu. Trevor said, "Its nice to let the students win, but we won't be "nice" this year." Even Alex added, "We could beat them on crutches." ----Friday June 13th, put it in your calendar.

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