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Soon to be senior and I'm already getting stressed - Portfolios!!!

Written by Samantha on 06-08-2003


I hope this summer there will be some kind of portfolio help online or in school. I would like a head start so I don�t get stressed next year June 2004. I would like to know all the requirements of each portfolio, how they should be set up. I�m thinking this should be placed on the web site or in a detailed Packet for students at end of the school year. Have a teacher from each major and one teacher write about the minors telling the students about what should be in the portfolio. Maybe telling us some tips, like what work they like to see include.

I looked at the requirements that haven�t been modified since 2000 (yea� okay that will really help me, when there has been many adjustments over the years). By helping soon to be juniors and seniors (maybe even helping soon to be sophomores) get a head start we would be less stressed. Don�t you think? Students can at least have a chance to get old papers and things that we need from 9th grade until now and dust them off for the portfolio.

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