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Teachers Win Again!

Written by M. Lupica on 06-18-2003

Only Mother Nature Will Stop The Teachers!

Friday June 20th at 2:00 pm is the time we have all been waiting for. The students will finally face the vaunted teachers in the annual softball game for bragging rights. Delayed twice already, one by a scheduling conflict and the other time by rain, the students are now backed into the corner. They have no where to hide and must finally face the undefeated teachers. "They will now see my power to left field" said William, who played pro-ball in Wisconsin.

The game will be at Hecksher Field and there are reports several students have been asking his holiness to give New York City more rain in hopes of forever delaying the game. "Gutless!" cites Alex, who will display the skills that brought his Astoria League the championship.

Be there to cheer the players on.

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