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Performance Based Assessment Institute

Written by Vivian Orlen on 09-02-2003

Due to private funding that Landmark High School received from Stanford University, we were able to offer a more thoughtful and meaningful 4 week summer program for our students. We had a wonderful team of our own teachers(Mark, Kathy, Keri, Gianna, Shadia, Paola and Dennis) who worked beautifully with our students in interage groupings on projects as well as portfolios. As a result of our efforts, about 55 students presented portfolios and some of our seniors who did not graduate in June will be August graduates. Our reputation as a good, small school is strong and it is important that when we plan for our upcoming school year, we continue to work as hard as we have over the past 10 years. Landmark High School is considered a model school in many ways and the large number of visitors we host is one piece of evidence that we do some things well. We know we still need to get better in different areas and I look foward to the upcoming school year, working more closely with each and every teacher.

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