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Dear Landmark Families

Written by Vivian Orlen on 09-02-2003

I hope that you have had a wonderful summer and have had time to be together as families. I am excited about the upcoming school year as it is an exciting time for our school, it is our 10th year anniversary. Together, we are a marvelous pool of talent and energy and we will continue to thrive as a professional learning community. I am pleased to announce that as a top 200 performing school, recognized by Chancellor Klein we will be able to continue working with our students in challenging and meaningful ways. We will have Zulma Melendez working with us as our Parent Coordinator, along with our school social worker Amy Wylegala, and our college advisor Daisy Fontanez. All 3 of these smart, talented and dedicated women will get to know you as well as your child this upcoming school year.

As part of the Landmark culture, your child will be assigned an Advisor who will be your link between events at school and at home. The academic conferences which are held 3 times a year are conducted by the advisor, each advisor has approximately 18 students in their advisory. If your child is absent please call the school to let the advisor know the situation. Attendance and arriving to school on time and ready to learn is extremely important and experience has shown us that students who do both graduate on time and receive wonderful college financial aid packages.

The first day of school is Monday 9/8, a full day for all 9th/10th grade students. Our 11th/12th graders will have a modified schedule only this first day. School lunch will be available to all students on the first day of school. Landmark students are allowed to leave the building for lunch as long as we receive permission from families. Metrocards will be available within the first few days of school opening, however we must have all school forms filled out in order to release the please fill them out promptly. Our school day begins at 9 and ends at 3PM on Monday and Wednesday, with a 3:15 dismissal on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will offer an afterschool program starting early October.

You will receive a letter and phone call from your child's advisor informing them where to report on the first day.

Finally, we will hold our first Parents Association meeting on Wednesday 9/17 at 5:30 to be followed by back to school night where you can get (re)acquainted with your child's advisor.

I look foward to welcoming everyone in September.

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