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Raiders beat Cookies, Rejects top Unnamed in EFL opening day action

Written by Erik Shold on 09-22-2003

Raiders 5 Cookies 2

Rejects 4 Unnamed 1

The EFL season opened with two brief games this afternoon. In the first, the Raiders (Juan) jumped out to a 3 - 2 lead in the first half, and put team Cookies away in the second half for a 5 -2 victory.

The Raiders offense looked balanced with a TDs from Jose (2), Jonathan, Paul, and James. Juan was 5-7 with 3 TD passes at QB.

The Cookies offense struggled early but scored on a beautiful flea-flicker when Cecil pitched the ball to Malki who threw a touchdown pass to Robert.


Juan 5-7, 3 TD

James 1-1, 1 TD

Cecil 0-10

Malki 3-4, 1 TD

Dan 1-1


Jose (3, 2TD), Jonathan (2, 1TD), Paul (1, 1TD)

Sergio (1), Dan (2, 1TD), Cecil (1), Robert (1, 1TD)

Rushing Touchdowns

James (1)

The Rejects and Unnamed were only able to play one half due to time constraints. The Rejects were efficient on offense, scoring four TDs from three different players in one half. Jason was 4-5 with 3 TD passes.

For team unnamed, Isaiah was 2-5 with a touchdown and an interception.


Jason 4-5, 3TD

Erik 1-1

Isaiah 2-5, 1TD, 1 INT


Leo (1, 1TD)

Muhammed (1)

Bryce (1, 1TD)

Erik (1, 1TD)

Joel (2, 1TD)


Erik (1, 1TD)

On Wednesday, The Rejects will meet the Raiders and Unnamed will battle Team Cookies. The league standings are as follows:

Team Wins Losses

Raiders 1 0

Rejects 1 0

Cookies 0 1

Unnamed 0 1

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