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New York Experience Gets Going

Written by Richard Stohlman on 10-15-2003

Landmark's New York Experience Classes are getting started and have started off well. Just wanted to share the mission of the class and provide pictures and links from a sample trip.

Me & NYC

The New York Experience Portfolio

Mission Statement

Pursuing a high school education in New York City limited by the walls of a building would be to lose sight of the vast learning experiences waiting outside of those walls. Therefore, it has been the effort of Landmark High School to establish a New York Experience curriculum that explores the meaningful and relevant learning opportunities the city has to offer. Throughout this school�s history, the goal of the New York Experience curriculum has been twofold: First, to foster a sense of trust and community within each advisory; and second, to develop an understanding and appreciation of the cultural and historical richness of the incredible city in which we live. It is both the enormous depth and breadth of this richness that we wish to explore with the current New York Experience curriculum. The curriculum is academically meaningful, leading to the completion of a Graduation Portfolio, and relevant, reflecting the tremendous variety of experiences that coexist in New York City.

We live in a city that has been home to artists ranging from Norman Rockwell to Andy Warhol; musicians from Wynton Marsalis to Fifty Cent (or Itzhak Perlman to Joey Ramone); films with depictions that range from Do the Right Thing to Annie Hall; architecture from gothic to art deco; from The Cloister�s medieval history to Sony Wonder�s latest technology. Given the incredible variety of experiences New York City has to offer, it is vital that the New York Experience Curriculum reflects a similar variety of activities and opportunities for learning.

As an example, last week Laura's advisory went on a trip to the Rockefeller Center where an installation was on display that I hadn't heard of - it is gaudy but gorgeous but the point is the students saw it and they got a glimpse of the strange layering of commercial, pop art, high art and cultural cross currents that infuse this city. One student, walking away, did ask if the time spent would help him for any of the many Regents tests he is now required to take. "Reducible to test preparation, hmm, probably not, " was the reply, "probably not."

For more information on the installation, click

here or here.

For more information on the Regents, click, well, just google the word.

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