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Dear Landmark Students...

Written by Vivian Orlen on 09-25-2003

By now many of you have heard about an incident which took place off
school grounds this past weekend. The fight which took place definitely
involved 2 Landmark students who were badly hurt...and the school now
has more information which suggests that there were other Landmark
students involved as well. At the conclusion of yesterday's fire drill a
fight broke out between some of the students who were participants in
the uptown, weekend situation and this fight which took place in our
school has serious consequences attached which I need to share with all of
Landmark High School will continue to have the reputation of being a
very safe and comfortable school for all students. The fight that took
place yesterday was not something that the school will take lightly.
The entire school community comes together each and every day in order to
learn, to work, and, of course, to socialize. Most of you, and
certainly all the adults in the school chose to come to Landmark for a variety
of reasons...great preparation for college, a strong advisory program,
the personalization students and families receive, and lastly to be
part of community where every person's safety is a given.

As the principal of the school it is my complete responsibility to
ensure the safety of all members of the school. At present the students
who were involved in both the fight outside of Landmark as well as inside
our school building are not allowed to be here. There is an
investigation taking place which involve police and each family has been required
to come to the school to meet with me about both situations. Our
district office has been informed of the situation and will help me reach a
decision that is good for Landmark.

You are our students all the time...and that is how all the adults in
the school view their vocation. What happens to you and what you get
involved in outside of the school concerns the school if it gets back to
us. As a Landmark student you are responsible for the community here
and part of that responsibilty demands that you speak to an adult if
you know somebody is in danger or plans to endanger someone else. It is
your concern, your ownership in the school that keeps Landmark a safe

I welcome all student voices on this issue and ask that advisors e mail
me student suggestions or responses to my letter...this is something
for advisories to think about and discuss. I do need to also remind
students that violence of any kind is unacceptable here at Landmark and
will not be tolerated. This school was built with hard work and lots of
positive energy from a range of people coming together from different
backgrounds. Destructive behavior will be taken seriously so that all of
us can come to school, or to work feeling good about the environment we
live in each day.


Vivian on behalf of the faculty of Landmark High School

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