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EFL Action

Written by Erik Shold on 09-29-2003

Raiders remain undefeated thanks to a controversial call. Rejects regain form and thump Cookies 5-1.

The Rejects fell apart last week in their loss to the undefeated Raiders. With captain Jason hobbling on a sore ankle, fans were wondering if they would continue to slide down the rankings. The Rejects silenced critics with a 5-1 victory over Team Cookies. When asked about the game, Bryce, who scored on a kickoff return, stated "today, we raised the Muhammed Ratio." The Cookies tried to engineer a comeback with a goal-line stand and a touchdown, but it was too little, too late.


Jason 5-7, 2 TD

Cecil 0-4

Malki 4-5, 1 TD

Dan 1-3, 1 INT

Robert 0-2, 1 INT


Erik 1, 1TD

Leo 1, 1TD

Bryce 1

Muhammed 2

Cecil 3, 1 TD

Danny 1

Robert 1

Erik INT return for TD

Bryce KO return for TD

Muhammed KO return for TD

In the second game of the afternoon, a controversial call kept the undermanned, up-and-coming Team Unnamed from an upset of the first place Raiders. With just minutes remaining in a tie game, Justin pushed off his defender and grabbed a leaping touchdown. Unfortunately for Team Unnamed, Justin was called for offensive pass interference. The Raiders then scored on the last play of the game to move to 3-0 and hold on to first place.


Oscar 7-11, 3TD

Juan 1-3, 1 TD


Justin 4, 2TD

Josue 3, 1 TD

James 1, 1TD

Jonathan KO return for TD

Juan 2 KO return for TD

Justin forced and recovered 1 fumble


Team Wins Losses Ties

Raiders 3 0 0

Rejects 2 1 0

Cookies 0 2 1

Unnamed 0 2 1

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