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EFL Game 4

Written by Erik Shold on 10-02-2003

Cookies crumble against Raiders. Rejects come back to tie upstart Unnamed.

The first game of the afternoon was a tight battle between the Rejects and Team Unnamed. Although Unnamed has yet to win a game, they are currently the most dangerous team in the league. They are improving rapidly and their last three games have been decided by a total of one point.


Oscar 5-9, 3TD

Erik 7-13, 4TD


Justin 2, 2TD

Isaiah 1

Jacinto 1

Josue 1, 1TD

Carlos 1, 1TD

Leo 4, 2TD

Bryce 2, 1TD

Oscar INT

Oscar KO return for TD

In the second game, the Raiders remained undefeated by beating the shorthanded Cookies 5-0. The Raiders took advantage of their extra man and intercepted the Cookies QBs four times.


Dan 1-3 1INT

Joel 1-3, 1INT

Cecil 0-1, 1INT

Malki 1-3, 1INT

Juan 4-8, 2TD, 1INT

James 1-1, 1TD


Jonathan 3, 1TD

James 2, 2TD

Malki 1

Dan 1

Sergio 1

Jonathan 2INT

James 1INT for TD

Juan 1INT for TD

Robert 1INT


Team Wins Losses Ties

Raiders 4 0 0

Rejects 2 1 1

Unnamed 0 2 2

Cookies 0 3 1


Unnamed vs Cookies

Raiders vs Rejects

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