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New EFL Timekeeping Rules

Written by Erik Shold on 10-15-2003

To put an end to "last play" controversies, the EFL is instituting new timekeeping rules.

After a multitude of controversial "last play" game changing touchdowns, the EFL will attempt to create a more fair, objective timekeeping system.

The following times will be observed, per Erik's official watch, for EFL games. No play may START before or after the given times. If the offensive team is onsides and calls "hike" BEFORE time is up at the end of a half, that play will count.

210-220 Game One 1st Half

220-230 Game Two 1st Half

230-245 Game One 2nd Half

245-300 Game Two 2nd Half

We will no longer meet in Erik's room, we will now meet in front of the building to leave at 2:00 sharp.

In addition, each team that is sitting out must provide at least one person to help with scorekeeping and timekeeping.

Captains, these rules put pressure on you to get your players organized and ready on time. These rules should also provide for longer playing time, fewer controversies, and more last-second drama.

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