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Time Clock Adds Drama to EFL

Written by Erik Shold on 10-21-2003

Both games came down to the wire as Unnamed tied again and the Rejects squeaked by the Cookies.

A new time rule added to eliminate "last-play" controversies led to two games that were both decided on the last play. In the first, the Raiders narrowly escaped losing their undefeated statues by scoring on the last play of the game to tie the Unnamed. Team Unnamed came up with an innovative running play to spread the field open and Justin scored a touchdown and had a long run late in the game. The Raiders remained efficient offensively, scoring twice on kickoff returns by James and twice on one play drives. In the second game, the Rejects came from behind to take the lead over Cookies, then stopped them from scoring on a last second play from the one yard line.

Here are the stats for game one:


Oscar 6-11, 3TD

Juan 3-7, 2TD

James 1-2, 1TD


Carlos 4 (3TD)

Isaiah 1

Justin 1 (1TD)

Paul 3 (2TD)

James 1 (1TD)

Justin Rushing TD

James 2 KO Returns for TD

For game two:


Jason 9-13, 3TD

Malki 3-3, 2TD

Cecil 5-7, 1 INT


Erik 2 (1TD)

Muhammed 3 (2TD)

Bryce 2

Leo 1

Cecil 3 (2TD)

Dan 1

Malki 2

Joel 1 (1TD)

Muhammed 1 Rushing TD

Jason 1 INT


Team W-L-T

Raiders 5-0-1

Rejects 3-1-2

Unnamed 0-2-4

Cookies 0-4-2

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