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EFL Playoffs

Written by Erik Shold on 11-04-2003

Unnamed, Raiders to meet in championship.

In a tightly fought game on Monday, Team Unnamed edged the Rejects to advance to the EFL championship. The game was tied 0-0 at half, and featured some of the best defense seen this season. In the second half, Unnamed scored to go up 1-0. The Rejects were driving in an attempt to tie the game in the closing minutes, but a turnover stopped them and sealed the game for Unnamed. In the second game, the Raiders handled the Cookies easily.

Wednesday, the Rejects will face off against the Cookies for third place. The times will be as follows. Next Monday, the Raiders will face Team Unnamed for the championship game. Both games will feature 20 minute halves, with the times as follows:

First Half: 2:15-2:35

Five Minute Halftime

Second Half: 2:40-3:00

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