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Thanks from California!

Written by Peter Ross on 11-26-2003

Accolades for Landmark from CA educators

Thanks again to Landmark and all of its students and staff for hosting our Small Schools Study Tour! Here are a few of the comments from some of the visitors on the great things they took away from their time at Landmark:

"The student work affirmed my beliefs in small schools. Our classroom visits were snapshots in time, but the student work allowed us to see the big picture and the long term effects of instruction."

"High expectations work in a small school."

"The personalization taking place and the almost non-existent stress levels of the teachers."

"The students' abilities to be articulate, especially when speaking of their own educations, was amazing and inspiring."

"The colleagality of the staff was impressive. The general good spirits of the students was what I want to see in my hallways."

"Observing rigorous classes, student engagement, relaxed and happy-looking teachers."

"Motivating leadership from the administrators."

"It felt like a family."

"Lots of students helping students."

Thanks again and see you next week!


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