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Lady Legends are 1-2

Written by Mike Lupica on 12-03-2003

Early Difficulties as Legends Switch to Tougher Division

Yesterday the Lady Legends lost 42-23 to George Washington HS. After falling behind 19-1 the legends played solidly from then on. Hurting for the Legends were Onitria Simmons suffering from a severe flu and Jill Baez who also was under the weather, yet managed to suck down a team high 8 rebounds and dish out four assists. High scorer for landmark was Jennefer Escobosa who managed 10 points. Other notables for the legends were Nydaba's six rebounds and Helen's five.

The legends will have a much needed practice thursday at riverbank and then will have a newly scheduled game on saturday at 4:00 p.m. against downstairs rivals Coalition HS.

Then they play monday at Seward Park and Tuesday at the powerful Brandies HS.

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