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Legends Ruin the Neighborhood

Written by Erik Shold on 12-05-2003

The boys basketball team improved their league record to 3-0 by beating University Neighborhood 82-51.

The Landmark Legends built a 19-2 lead over UNH and never looked back. The scoring for the Legends was evenly distributed (see below) and Creight Raybe was the Gatorade Hustle Player of the Game with 6 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals off of the bench.

Scoring for the Legends

Angel 3, 7 assists

Antonio 15, 9 assists

Gerald 16, 3 steals

Jihad 8, 12 rebounds

Kirk 16, 10 rebounds

Kenneth 6, 5 rebounds

Cecil 4

Chayan 2

Jose 2

Creight 6, 5 assists

Jesse 2

Flete 4, 5 rebounds

Landmark is now 3-0 in league play and their next game is next Wednesday vs Marta Valle.

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