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Good Student Turnout at Student Council's First Meeting

Written by Karla on 12-07-2003

Landmark students meant business as they crowded Vivian's office.

Landmark's first Student Council meeting for the 2003-2004 academic year was a rousing success. Students from both Junior and Senior Institutes attended and contributed meaningful suggestions and interesting ideas. Trevor and Miriam were also in attendance and facilitated the discussion very nicely. Some of the things discussed at the meeting were:

-Building School Spirit

-Improving School Environment

-What to do about school vandalism

Things are looking great for Student Council this year. Meetings will be held every other Thursday starting at 3:30pm.

Advisories that don't have a representative in Student Council should send one to the next meeting. You do want your voices to be heard, don't you?

You can be sure that Student Council will be a strong presence at Landmark this year.

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