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Student Council Meeting Minutes for 12/11/03

Written by Karla on 12-12-2003

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Student Council went over Trevor�s letter to Landmark students. Trevor and members of student council will host meetings with Senior Institute advisories between Dec. 16th and Dec. 19th.

Students expressed the things they were proud of at Landmark:

�Sense of freedom

�School reputation (low fight rate)

�Teachers are caring

�Large percentage of students that go on to college (class of �03, 94%)

All these things (among many others) are great about Landmark. Student Council can communicate to the school how great the achievements of the school are.

Student Council also discussed the following concerns about the school:


�Pulling of fire alarms

�Bashing of stairway lights and light covers

�Congestion in hallways

�Damage to walls and stair railings

�Cutting and loitering in the bathrooms

�Good judgment by teachers as to who gets to go to the bathroom: People who actually go to the bathroom, and head straight back to class.

�Mess in the lunchroom (littering)

�Bathroom Hygiene


�Fundraising for seniors

�Holiday Parties

�New students� comfort level with school

�Meetings for seniors so students can be aware of what�s going on with senior activities and announcements.

These were the issues that Student Council rated as top priority:

1.Bashing of the lights and light covers.

2.Pulling of the fire alarms

3.Fire Situation (bathroom incident)

4.Lunchroom littering

5.Damage to walls and stairway railings.

Possible Solutions:

�Develop a system to monitor students who leave the classroom.

�Have an authority presence in the hallways (security guards once in a while, teachers between classes)

�Combine �sign out sheets� with teachers observing students� patterns in leaving the classroom and amount of time spent out of the room.

�More efficient log system

�Hold events that allow interaction for new students to get to know the school.

The issue of metal detectors was also brought up. Many student council members felt metal detectors weren�t necessary because they would result in a decrease of the school�s comfort and student trust levels. Students could feel like criminals and it�s inconvenient in the morning.

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