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5- 0

Written by Siu Chan on 12-13-2003

Legends take one on the chin but come roaring back.

On Friday at Basketball City, the Legends took a few shots but showed the toughness they are known for and defeated Manhattan Village Academy 90 - 89 in overtime. Nothing was easy: from confusion with the overtime duration, possession arrow mishaps, and twisted ankles. It came down to the last seconds in overtime on an isolation play for Antonio Matos. Though well guarded, Antonio managed an open shot but narrowly missed. This allowed for Jihad Ford to grab the rebound and throw up a shot. He was fouled at the buzzer and then he calmly sank a freethrow to win it. Needless to say, Jihad won the Gatorade Hustle Player of the Game award.

Antonio finished the game with 33 points, Gerald finished with 21 and Kirky followed with 14 points.

The Legends are now 5 - 0 but their biggest test will be this Saturday at noon against 6- 0 Leadership Academy. Support your Legends!

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