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Jazz Ensemble to Perform Dec. 22nd

Written by Kevin J. Dotson on 12-16-2003

If there's someone in your class who lately seems to have an urge to tap their pencils on a desk, hums in syncopation while walking down the stairs, or says the word "Cool..." with the mellowness of Dizzy Gillespie, he or she just might be in the Landmark-Coalition Jazz Ensemble, which is gearing up for its first big performance of the year.

The Landmark-Coalition Combined Jazz Ensemble is scheduled to perform a mini-concert before Coalition Alumnus and students from both schools on December 22nd at 1:15 in the Cafeteria. The Ensemble has been hard at work since late September learning music theory and improvisation, having instrument instruction, and practicing such jazz standards as jazz trumpeter Miles Davis' "Freddy Freeloader."

The 24-member band, composed of Landmark and Coalition students, meets in the music room Monday through Thursday from 1:50 to 3:30, under the tutelage of professional musicians provided by the Midori & Friends Foundation, which sponsors music instruction in public high schools. For some students who already take music lessons privately, being a part of the music program helps them continue and share a passion they enjoy in their out-of-school lives. Some Landmark and Coalition students have their own instruments and aspirations for performance. For many other members of the ensemble, the Midori and Friends Music Program provides a valuable opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

So, if you see anyone fitting the description above, ask them about the Jazz Ensemble, give them a nod, snap your fingers in their direction, and wish them well on their concert this coming Monday.

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