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The Win Before Xmas

Written by Anonymous on 12-20-2001

Today in football it happened.

Leo' s team fell to Jason's team.Leo's team had a 2 to 0 lead over Jason's team and would have put them away but Jason's team was too much. They were not going to lose. The B team came out on fire. They opened a 3 to 1 lead and the A team was no different. They just ran up the points on Leo's team. When the A team came off the field, it was 5 to 3 and Jason's B team was not going to let Leo's B team any chance to come back. With just with a few seconds left, they threw one more td pass to put them up by two. Leo's team was not going without a fight. They threw two td pass to tie the game at six to six but jason's team was too strong and were not going to lose. With three minutes left, they went down the field and scored the winning touchdown.It was not over. Leo's team had one more try but the D was too strong and just stop leo's team. There is no sweap today. Jason's team lives for another day.They got their first win, the final score Leo's team 6 and Jason's team 7. Great game.

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