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Skateboard Team Develops

Written by Chris Mott on 12-17-2003

In a breakthrough practice last night several skaters begin to understand the greatness of skateboarding.

Last night was a bad night to miss skate practice as several members of the Landmark Skateboard Team land many new tricks. During the session at X-Ramps in Brooklyn, team members Eliezer Infante, Michael Valdez, and Juan Vasquez all challenged their fears and distaste for pain and succeeded in pushing the limits of their skating. Kickturns, ollies, fakie ollies, tail-drops, and 180 pivots were some of the tricks that the group demonstrated. These tricks are the culmination of ten weeks of work. Members who were not in attendance (Jason Colon, Andres Cordero, Gabriel Gomez, Jessika Roman, Victor Vega, and Chris Castaneda) will be feeling the pressure to raise their skills to the new standard. Next practice is Thursday, 4pm at X-ramps (we'll be leaving from Landmark at about 3:30 as usual).

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