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Legends Hit Key Free Throws to Sink Humanities.

Written by Erik Shold on 12-23-2003

Boys basketball team beats Humanities 66-60, heads home for the holidays with a 9-1 record.

The Legends were down by 7 points at the half. Despite their solid defense and rebounding, the shots weren't falling and they trailed 28-21. They opened the second half with full court defensive pressure and outscored Humanities 22-10 in the third quarter.

In the final eight minutes, the Legends ran into foul trouble. Kirk had four fouls and Angel fouled out of the game. The Legends showed some serious poise, however, hitting 20 out of 22 free throws in the fourth quarter. Gerald led the way scoring 26 points in the second half and hitting 13 of 14 free throws in the fourth quarter.

Here is the scoring summary:

Angel 8

Antonio 17

Kenneth 4

Jihad 5, 18 rebounds

Kirk 6, 12 rebounds

Gerald 26

The Legends are just over half way done with the regular season, and their next game is Monday, January 5 against LaGuardia.

To check out the league standings, click here.

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