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Student Council Meeting Minutes for 1/8/04

Written by Student Council on 01-14-2004

Important Info!

Student Council Minutes

January 8, 2004

�Members of Student Council will create sub-committees to address issues.

�Pavel will conduct the next student council meeting and will lead the discussions.

Students brought up suggestions for school student activities:

�Talent Show

�Valentine�s Day Dance (�All red� dress code)

�Spirit Week (Twin day, blue day, mismatch day�etc)

�Valentine�s Day �Cupid Service� (Deliver flowers, messages, candy�etc)

Tentative date for talent show � First week of May. Preferably, Friday the 7th

Tentative date for Valentine dance � Friday the 13th (oooh...creepy)

Things to plan for dance

�Location � Lunchroom (tentatively)








Committee managers for dance:

Overall project coordinators: Karla (Mark�s advisory) and Antoinette (Siby�s advisory)

Music: Pavel (William�s advisory)

Decorations: Kaysha (William�s advisory) and Tyrone

Publicity: Leslie (Erik�s advisory) and Martin (Carol�s advisory)

Tickets: Paul (Siby�s advisory) and Adam (Jack�s advisory)

Food: Markisha (Maggie�s advisory)

Anyone with questions can ask Karla...Ask around, you'll find her. If you have any questions or suggestions speak to that project's manager.

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