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Lady Legends go 2-1 over past week

Written by Dennis Joyce on 01-22-2004

Three records get broken.

In the win over Watleigh 31-17, the Lady Legends had a season record of 19 points scored by Jennifer Escobosa. Also in that game the record of total rebounds per game was set by Nydaba Diakahate with have a total of 22, breaking Yralee Mendez's record of 21, and Helen De Luna's season record of 17.

In the win over Brooklyn's Mckinney HS 34 -15, Onitria Simmons broke her own record of eight steals held along with Jill Baez and Alumni Ingrid Mathews. Nine steals is the new record for the Lady Legends.

Jill Baez tied a Landmark record of 5 assists set by her and Yralee Mendez in yesterdays loss as well.

Congrats go out to all the Legends on a solid week of hoops.

Today the legends face off against in-house rivals Coalition. Go legends.

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