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Legends Grab Share of III-B Title!

Written by Erik Shold on 01-24-2004

Landmark boys basketall beat Fashion 60 - 46 to guarantee first place!

The Landmark Legends improved to 15 - 1 Friday night by beating Fashion.

The game against Fashion was never too close. The Legends went ahead 15 - 9 in the first quarter and never looked back. They were led by the scoring of Antonio, Reggie, Jihad, and Kenneth, and 8 assists from Angel.

Due to a fight Wednesday in a game between Leadership and MVA, Landmark has clinched a share of the Manhattan III-B Conference for the first time in school history. Landmark is currently 15 - 1. Leadership, the only team to beat Landmark this season, dropped from 12-1 to 12 - 3 after a bench-clearing fight in their game Wednesday against MVA.

Landmark has two games remaining in their regular season- next Friday vs Marta Valle and next Saturday vs Leadership. The Legends have clinched a spot in the "B Division" playoffs for the first time in school history.

It is also possible that the Legends will be invited to play in the coveted Manhattan "Borough Championship." This tournament chooses the top eight teams in Manhattan. The tournament bracket will be announced on Monday, Jan 26, and Landmark has a good chance of being invited.

Here is the scoring for the Fashion game:

Angel 4, 8 assists

Antonio 18, 4 assists

Kenneth 6, 5 rebounds

Jihad 8, 3 rebounds

Kirk 5, 2 rebounds

Gerald 5, 5 assists

Cecil 2, 6 rebounds

Reggie 8, 4 assists

Jose 2

Flete 2, 2 rebounds

Chayan 1 rebound

Please congratulate all of the team players for bringing Landmark its first Manhattan III-B championship ever! Go Legends!

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