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Anti-Violence Week, Get Your Advisory Some Free Pizza

Written by Kenny on 02-05-2004

You want free pizza??!?!?! Keep on reading.

It's African-American history month, celebrating the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi. The halls of Landmark will be extra-infiltrated with deliberate acts of kindness during the week of Feb. 9-13, 2004. Students can "act out" in many ways, such as helping a student get a smile, holding the door for Carol, buying Richard some Seltzer Water, or getting Rachel another book.

Heres how it works: On the day the act is done, during lunch or after school until 3:45, the student who received the act of kindness will bring the student who did the act to Anthony's (SPARKS) office. After the situation is explained, under Anthony's approval, the kind student will be registered under his/her advisor, and get recognition depending on the situation. The advisory who gets the most points by the end of the week, will get the PIZZA PARTY!

Simple and Easy.

If you lose, don't feel bad that you lost, its the kindness that you've done that is important, and its what King and Gandhi battled for.

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