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Lady Legends Roll to Victory

Written by Dennis Joyce on 02-05-2004

A scoring barrage for starters and subs alike--

The Lady Legends moved their record to a respectable 7-12 figure, and have won five out of their last seven. A big win against Legacy HS by the score of 52-30, saw three girls score ten points each; Captain Jill Baez, Co-Captain Helen De Luna and also rookie starter Arienny Reyes. In fact, Arienny scored six of the teams first 10 points, setting a no nonsense tone for the game. Her previous game high was four points. She also recorded 12 rebounds for a super star performance.

Jill led the offense with relentless penetration causing all sorts of match up problems for Legacy's zone defense. Jill finished with Six steals and three assists to go along with her 10 points. Jill and Jennefer Esco-Usher volunteered to sit most of the second half as a gesture of mercy.

Helen De Luna added 10 boards and three assists as well, playing point guard at several times during the second half. Shatrieka Smith pulled down twelve boards as well to go with her four points.

--- And senior Aidee Acosta heated up big time in the second half scoring six points on three for four shooting. "She was on fire," said friend Jill Baez,.... "so I kept feeding her the ball." Aidee was typically modest, inissting she was the best player on the team and yelling at her coach for not playing her more!!!! DOH!

Also of note, Latisha Cintron had her strongest outing of the year, playing the entire 4th quarter and scoring her first bucket of the season. "Just another day at the office," Latisha said after the game.

----Also of significance were Lynelle's two steals and five rebounds and Stephanie Reyes' 8 boards, showing dominance in the second half, and playing hurt at that. Alyssa also impressive with two steals and four tipped passes, as she simply harrassed the poor point guard for Legacy. Her game reminds some of a certain boy on the boys team who did not start in the beginning of the season, but is starting now, and who does a lot of the little things.

Last but not least, Nydaba Diakhate scored six points but led her team in rebounds with 16. Over the past month she is the teams leading rebounder, but still trails Helen by about 16 for the season. She also recorded a beautiful up and under move that brought gasps from the crowd and left the Legacy defender in her dust.

The legends have four games left. Next week they play On monday and tuesday at Legacy and Environmental Studies respectively,...both schools are very close to landmark. All supporters are welcome!!!!!! There last game looks to be on thursday against friendly rival Seward Park hs.

Go Legends!!!!

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