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Lady Legends Steal Last Second Victory

Written by Dennis Joyce on 02-08-2004

Total Team Effort Steals Victory from the Clutches of Defeat.

Onitria Simmons was feeling a lot of hate by the players and fans from Urban Peace Academy, as she stole the ball with 6 seconds left in the game with Landmark trailing by one point. Suddenly, a potentially difficult loss turned into an amazing win. Moments later she was swarmed upon by all the landmark players and coaching staff giving her much much love!!!

No one felt more relieved however, than Captain Jill Baez, who happened to miss four free throws in the last minute and thirty seconds, any one of which would have tied the game or put the Legends on top. With Onitria's dramatic steal and clutch hoop, Jill will not be remembered for her free throw lapse, but for her record breaking 11 steals, and six assists she compiled.

"Oni plays her best when the game's on the line," said Jill, "She is always coming up with big plays." Who can argue with that?

But this win was not only about one steal, the Lady Legends played with a tremendous intensity that has only been equaled two other times this year in the second loss to park west hs 29-15, and in the win over Watleigh, 31-17. Urban Peace began the game with blistering shooting, going up 9-2, but the legends dug in on the defense and, as usual, the outside shots for Urban Peace stopped dropping. Meanwhile Jill Baez led a well coordinated passing assualt, getting the ball in good position and forcing Urban Peace into committing too many fouls. Not only that but behind the will and power of Arienny Reyes(12 boards), Helen De Luna (17 rebounds) and Nydaba Diahkate(11 boards), and guard Jennifer Esco with 9 grabs, the legends mounted their comeback.

At the end of one quarter it was 9-9. Then Oni arrived in the game and the legends took control scoring points, 9 from Onitria.

The legends held the lead until the minute 30 mark when one of Urban Peace's top scorers nailed a nice bank shot. But Landmark's finest ladies refused to quit, and it was that fight that brought them back.

Urban Peace were celebrating their win after Jill missed her last free throw, but there were still six seconds left in the game. That is when Jill fronted the Urban Peace point guard, and the pass over her head was dropped right into Oni's charging path. The rest is history!!!

Huge performances and defensive toughness were shown by Lynelle, 'Treika, Alyssa, and Aidee, as the Landmark bench made a statement of their own yesterday, "Don't mess with us!"

---On monday the legends face Legacy HS. Watch Latisha and Stephanie perform with major minutes. Tuesday we walk three blocks to Environmental Studies HS to avenge two losses in that building. Wednesday is our last team practice, which will be filled with fun drills and contests with prizes. Then Thursday the season closes with a vist to Seward Park HS. -- Word has it that many landmark staff will be at that game.

Go Legends!!!

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