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Softball Season is on the Horizon

Written by Dennis Joyce on 02-22-2004

Veterans must bring in their uniforms in order to register

All landmark softball vets, males and females, be sure to bring back your uniforms by tuesday this week in order to register for the 2004 season. We must get the uni's returned to begin the new season. If you don't return it you will be on the waiting list for this years draft. The five sets of captains are waiting to see this year's new crop of draftees to put their names on this spring's roster. c'mon, don't miss out

-------for your information the new captains are:

Jill Jeter Baez and Jonathan (Pedro) Flete- (Red)

Jihad (KG) Ford and Onitria (Clutch)Simmons- (Black)

Jason Colon and Stephanie Miyares (Dark or Lgt Blue)

Teonilda Cruz and Karla (KO) Ovalle(Pinstripe)

Jessica (J-Crew) Cruz and Leo K. (Dark or Lgt. Blue)

All games will be on Tueday, Thursday or Friday. -Top four teams make the playoffs. All-Stars meet the teachers in June for their annual spanking, ahh,.... I mean contest.

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