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Staff will win again!

Written by Rick Pitino on 01-10-2002

Teachers once again will dominate the staff vs. student basketball game.

It's that time of the year again and the Landmark Legends are already shaking in their Nikes at the prospect of facing the imposing team consisting of the dominating teachers. There is no other explanation why only 11 players remain on the team. "I was too scared to even think about stepping on the court with them" declared a former player. Once again, Vegas has put heavy odds against the Legends. The teachers are just too dominating. "Too many weapons..." murmured Stephon Marbury last year when asked about the lineup.

This year, Dennis will return to the lineup. Richard has been well rested after a semester off, Siu has sharpened his elbows, Steve got new glasses, Eric improved his freethrows, Kathy got a haircut, Alex stopped lifting weights, new teacher Chris is just off his MVP season at Chicago University, and they are bringing in a "part time" teacher just in case they need to dominate some more.

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