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Good Luck Seniors

Written by Kirk and Gerald on 02-26-2004

To the seniors Antonio, Jihad, Jesse, Kenny, Angel and Jonathan on the basketball team, we wish everyone of you the best with your future plans.

I really respect the dedication and heart that the seniors on the basketball team have put into the season. It was a fun filled season with a lot of good memories. All the practicing and the hardwork that we went through they endured it. This is the best season in Landmark history and I'm glad all of you where a part of it. I just hope that everyone of you will continue doing what your'e doing and always keep your heads up. I know that the season is over but just remember all the ups and downs that we went through together and the great accomplishments that we achieved. Did you guys ever think that at the end of the season we would have a record of 17-1 in the regular season, that is a wonderful accomplishment considering how small our school is and we don't even have a gym. All of you guys were great and I hope you all do good in college or whatever you choose to do.

Good Luck Guys!

Watch out for us next year!

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