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Softball Exhibition Season

Written by Dennison Joyce on 04-01-2004

With Softball in the Air, Landmark Legends Pour onto the Diamond

Last Friday the defending Champion Black Team was defeated by the upstart Light Blue team led by Stephanie Miyares and Jason Colon 10-2. "This is like a family here," stated Co-Captain Stephanie, "The rest of the league better watch out for us."

And in yesterday's game between Dark Blue and Pinstripes, Dark Blue led by Jessica and Leo came back to win in the last at bat, 5-4. Rookie dark blue member Isidro Acosta said, "We played as a team, we work hard and we never give up." Karla Orvalle, the co-Captain of Pinstripes said, "We were definitely rusty, but I like a lot of what I saw, when we are at full strength we will be a tough opponent."

Today the Red team will hit the diamond on 103rd and Riverside, and Co-captain Jill Jeter said, "I am not going to graduate without winning another title,.... its that simple."

In the Light Blue game, rookie catcher Celina Ramirez was struck twice by a flung bat, once in the elbow. Although she was knocked down, and bruised, she said, "It takes more than that to put me out of a game." Such courage is going to make her team tough to beat. (By the way, throwing a bat and hitting the catcher or backstop is an AUTOMATIC OUT.)

In any case, the season begins for real as soon as we return from the break. --Dark Blue vs Red on Wednesday April 14,

---Lt. Blue vs Black on Thursday April 15

---Pinstripe vs Dark Blue on Friday April 16


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