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Light Blue Wins Big Over Defending Champs

Written by Dennison Joyce on 04-16-2004

PRE season experts seemed to think this was Light Blue's year,...maybe they were right.

Captain Jason Colon was four for four with two homeruns and two triples, Rookie Braidy Estevez homered in his first Landmark at bat, and went four for five on the day. Speedster James Gough went four for four, and stud pitcher Michael Morales pitched brilliantly (except to Onitria Simmons who leads the league with three walks from Michael) and lIght Blue slammed ahead to a 15-5 victory.

Once again Black was shorthanded, missing first round draft pick Antonio Matos, (has anyone seen him)? But some things went well for them. First they have extremely strong female players, with Oni, Jay Esco, Rookie slammer Sasha and the always entertaining Nydaba, who sent teacher Eric Greenwald to the bench for catching his foul tip out.

They still have a strong three man pitching rotation between Erik, Jihad and the MIA Antonio, and last year it was great pitching that won the whole enchilada for them. Hopefully Black can repeat last year and just continue to grow and improve for when the playoffs arrive.

But yesterday it was light blue's day. Juan Vasquez produced two double plays, and J.colon and James G. made excellent charging catches from the outfield. Helen continues to swallow up all plays her way, and rookie Josephine's early season commitment has already impressed her veteran teammates. Not only talent, but Elmo's unselfish decision to sit for his rookie teamate shows that vital level of all for one and one for all mentality that all championship teams seem to thrive on.

Its still early but this is definitely a team to watch.

NOTES:--- Kelman Torres made an enormous fielding play robbing Eric Greenwald of an easy infield single.

----Fans must not be rude or try to insert themselves into the game. Yesterday a spectator student 's behavior crossed the line and he will be suspended two weeks from watching Landmark softball games. Remember to respect your brothers and sisters on the field.

Today Pinstripes opens the season against Dark Blue, on Hecksher #2.

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