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Pinstripe Beat Dark Blue, 10-6

Written by Dennis Joyce on 04-17-2004

Leo, Cecil and Jessica, sans Kevin could not rally their troops in this friday afternoon thriller.

5{s for the Pinstripes made the big difference on this day. Jesse Inoa went three for three with a Home run, three runs scored and four RBI's. Trevor was three for four with a triple and three runs scored as well, and Jose went two for two with a walk and three RBI's as the pinstripes powered their way to take the lead , after trailing 5-2 after two innings. Karla seemed to have done what no pitcher could do last year, figure out how to pitch to the mighty Cecil, who went only one for three on the day.

Captain leo reached base every time and score three times for his dark blues, and Jessica also was a perfect three for three, but missing big Kevin and shaking off the rust from the long winter got the better of them.

Rookies Paulinda, Katherine, Jean Nicole and Allyssa did not reach base but showed tremendous potential, all look like they may devolope into stars in this league one day. Mary Kaye ripped an RBI single in her only time at bat, and was heard pointing westward and muttering "That was for you Kevin," who happened to be taking care of family matters in Las Vegas this weekend.

Next week the schedule goes as follows:

Tuesday Red vs Black --Hecksher #6

Wednesday --Make up game-- Dk. Blue vs Red Hecksher #4

Thursday - Lt. Blue vs Pinstripes -Hecksher #6

Friday Black vs Dark Blue - Riverside Park @ 108th street

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