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Written by Landmark Legend Alumni on 01-15-2002

To all the students of landmark. Never listen to what the teachers have to say about the Staff vs. Students game. Every Year is the same thing. They start talking about how they're well prepared and how they're going to beat ya. Well guess what, the staff has never won.

Last year I told the team to miss a couple of shots on purpose so that the staff could have a chance, but guess what they blew it. We were up by one with one second to go, steve called a timeout, during that time I told one of my key players to foul whoever was going to shoot to give them a chance. Well Erik Torres just happened to shoot the last shot. As he went up, I ordered the foul, even though the co-captain disagreed with my judgement, but anyways down by only one with three freethrows to go there was a definite chance of overtime and even a win for them. But guess what, they blew it. He missed all three freethrows. The staff always loses.

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