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Onitria and Jihad's Black Team Separates From the Pack

Written by Dennis Joyce on 05-09-2004

Take a Crucial Game from Pinstripes, 22-16

It did not begin well for Karla and Teo's Stripes. They were down 4-0 in the second inning but then responded with 9 runs in an inning, setting the landmark record, and going up 9-4. The Black team simply brushed off some dirt from their uniforms and lead the 3rd inning off with a single from Nydaba, followed by another by Antonio, Sasha and Jihad. This gave Kellman a chance to empty the bases with a three run double. 9-9 after three. Black then got six more runs in the 4th, while the Stripes picked up two more, 16-11 Black., with a lead that they would not relinquish.

This game had a lot to offer the fans; runs score in every single at bat except in the Pinstripes half of the third. A four for four game with two HR's, four RBI's and four runs scored for Antonio Matos. He has his game back, and he is feeling good, "I know Red and Light Blue just don't want to face us in the first round." Who could argue with him the way Black was smashing the ball. Felix homered and went three for three, Alvaro broke out with three hits and three RBI's, Hector pounde three hits and three RBI's as well. And Laura, Nydaba, Sasha and Oni all reached base two times each, as the Girls of the Black team joined the hit parade.

Pinstripes has to be disapointed defensively, but offensively they played well, pounding the ball each inning as well. These two teams will see each other Tuesday May 18th at Hecksher. If Pinstripes can beat Dark Blue on Tuesday, they have a chance to overtake Black with a win against them as well. Yet a Black win over Dark Blue secures 3rd Place as well.

For those who like to see meaningful games, Tuesdays battle between Pinstripes and Dark Blue is essentially a PLAYOFF GAME, since the loser will most likely not make it to the second season. Also, The RED team will get another shot at first place against Lt. BLUE on Thursday at Hecksher. Don't miss the action as the final weeks are almost upon us.

Here are the Games Next Week:

Tues May 11, Dk. Blue vs Pinstripes -Hecksher #6

Wednesday May 12, Lt Blue vs Pinstripes--Hecksher #6

Thursday May 13, Light Blue vs Red --Hecksher #2

Friday May 14, Dark Blue vs Black -- North Measow #7

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