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Dark Blue Grabs Huge Win

Written by Dennis Joyce on 05-11-2004

Beat Arch-rival Pinstripes with good solid Defense

The score was 4-1, and it was almost 5-1, as Jean Nicole lead off the 7th inning with a huge walk. She moved over to third on a walk by Anthony A. and a fielder's choice from Juwan. She represented the crucial tie breaker in case of a tie for 4th place comes at the end of the season with Pinstripes.

Unfortunately for Dark Blue, the inning ended with Jean stranded on third, as her teammates were unable to bring her in. This is very important. The Landmark tiebreaker rules, in case both Pinstripes and Dark Blue end the season 1-7, is your record in head to head games. Well, they each beat the other once. So that is still a tie. The second tiebreaker rule is run differential against each other. Karla's Pinstripes beat Dark Blue 10-6 in the season openner. That is a 4 run differential. Todays game ended 4-1, that is only a 3 run differential for Dark Blue

. ---Since four is greater than 3, (as Jack teaches) then Pinstripes would win the second tiebreaker. If Jean Nicole was knocked home by one of her teammates in the 7th inning, we would have had to go to either a one game playoff or a coin flip, depending on how the season finishes visa vie rain outs.

---The game was thrilling as Dark Blue was all business. Leo pitched a gem going 3-0 twice and getting both batters, and even going 3-1 on Chayane and getting him. Kevin played huge as usual, and Isidro looked nasty in the field. Pavel reached base twice safely, and both Jesse and Juwan had clutch RBI's in the two run 2nd inning for Dark Blue.

--For Pinstripes not a lot went great, but Mario and Jesse had big time games, snagging everything in the field and both going 3 for 3. Jesse had a huge triple and now has entered the elite categories in hitting.

Rookie Katherine played great as well managing all innings behind the plate and getting a hit in her second straight game.

Dark Blue could use another win, and the way they looked today I would not want to have to face those guys. Watch out Black team!!!

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