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10 - 0?

Written by Eric Gagne on 05-18-2004

Light Blue, with an allstar in every position (prove me wrong) seems to be the first team in Landmark history that will go 10 and 0.

These masters of the webgems have had it all, Hitting, pitching, and that reliable defense. Light Blue has four players hitting .800

(Eric G.,James,Jason, and Elmo)and their pitcher is also knocking on the door with a .778 avg. How do they win? Well thats a question that Black and Red haven't (and never will)found the answer to.

"I noticed that we are starting to get seriously hated by other teams." said one light blue member.

Light Blue officially clinched first place with their win over red last thursday (14-5)and are playing for a spot in the landmark record books.

Come and watch light Blue make history as they play Dark Blue and Pinstripe on Wed. & Fri. When - I mean if light blue beats pinstripe they will officially face Dark Blue (snooze) in the first round of the playoffs.

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