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Dark Blue Stuns Light Blue 13-11

Written by Dennis Joyce on 05-19-2004

And puts Pinstripes back into the cellar, needing a win against either Red or Light Blue to Make the Playoffs

This was a game! It had everything,.... Home Runs (Braidy and Kevin) Clutch hits, (Jessica and Isidro), it had great defense (Helen and Juan) and it had high emotions, (Cecil, Kevin, Leo, Jason, James, Celina,..... and oh yeah, JUAN). The last name really let his emotions get the best of him, actually getting tossed from the game, and costing his team a sportsmanship point that could be a factor if Light Blue does not win on friday.

There were injuries, Kevin on Braidy and Kevin and James, ..... and there were strikes tacked onto at bats for negative behavior, ...two strikes for Cecil, one for Kevin...... and there was purpose, Light Blue, arguably the most dominant team, losing their undefeated record,.... no team in landmark history has ever gone undefeated,... and that will continue,... also there was the outstanding play by the entire Dark Blue team, taking on Light Blue from the very first inning, getting five runs, and never trailing the entire game. They are 2-0-1 in their last three matches, definitely the hottest team in landmark softball at the moment......reminding some of last years Black team.

----Yes my friends, it is late May in Landmark,...there is no such thing as an easy game anymore. Its win or go home time, and Dark Blue was not ready to call it quits just yet.....

certainly Light Blue hopes they are not this years Red team,...... only time and a lot of good baseball ahead will tell.

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