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Is The Question Answered?

Written by HOO-HAAH! HAAH-HAAH HOO-H on 05-19-2004

10-0? How 'bout 10-NO!

Sorry light blue. All of you put up a great effort but it was not to be. With an explosive start off in the top of the first, everything was down hill from there for Dark Blue. We had great defense and amazing offence despite the one-strike and two-strike handicap on Kevin and Cecil. Kevin hitting an amazing 4-4 with a right field homer and 7, yes people, 7 Runs Batted In. Me not doing so badly, if I say so myself, with 4-4 and 4 runs scored. And Jessica hit were the light blue defense wasn�t was definitely de-moralizing.

All and all the underdogs bit back. Through the mean threats, we prevailed with the final score of 13-11. I knew that if light blue was going to be defeated, we were the ones to do it. I am extremely proud of everyone on my team, everyone who stayed and dedicated themselves to this team has my respect. I had faith in us and still do, so lets wait and see if Red and Light Blue can clean up Pinstripes (their game against red on Thursday and game against Light Blue on Friday). One Proud Captain out.


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