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Light Blue leaves Black and Blue Marks on Dark Blue

Written by Dennis Joyce on 06-02-2004

Solid hitting and Base Running leads to a 19-2 game.

It was the day of the Blue, the light Blue that is. Dark Blue needed to bring their A game, the one they brought on May 19 when they stole a game from the then undefeated Light Blue, but instead they brought their D game. The result was a 14-0 in your face opening two innings.

When James, Stephanie, Juan, Eric and Braidy all combine to go 16 for 16, you know you are in trouble. Add to that Jason's HR and three rbi's and Perina's two rbi's and Helen's two hits and two rbi's and you spell disaster for Leo and Jessica's Blue team.

Because of a bet between Leo and James, both long haired dudes, the loser must cut his hair on Monday. That would be Leo in this case. That should be interesting to catch.

Jessica and Leo did a great job this year. They helped to rally a team that was winless into a hot streaking playoff team that had not been beaten in three weeks, until today. Big performances were by Isidro with a clutch rbi with two outs and cecil on third, to break the impending shutout, and Cecil also had one of his better games, going two for three with a HR and a triple, scoring the only runs for Dark Blue.

****The championship game is tuesday June 8th, across the street at Hecksher field #6. Defending champs Black vs the smash mouth Light Blue for all the marbles, ...or should I say the trophy.

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