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College Acceptances

Written by Daisy on 02-14-2002

Way to go Seniors!

Congratulations on being accepted to the following colleges:
Meghann Early---New York University: Landmark High School first acceptance to NYU.
Shawnee Aminath---The New York Restaurant
Rosa Solis---York College, Baruch College & College of Staten Island
Armando Roman--New York City Technical College
Milenny Then--St. Leo University & Baruch College
Nichole Creary--Pace University
Deanna Bowman--Manhattan Marymount College
Helen Rodriguez---Queens College & Hunter College
Michelle Hernandez---Marymount College & York College
Eddy Rodriguez---St. John's University
Hansel Infante--SUNY-Potsdam, Queens College & Baruch College

Stay tuned - more to come..........

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