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Library on 58th Street Swings to LC Jazz Ensemble

Written by Chris Mott on 06-16-2004

There were two performances by the Coalition School for Social Change and Landmark High School Jazz Band last night. If you still missed seeing them you can't say that they didn't try! Their first concert was at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on Broadway at 4:00pm and their second was at 6:00pm in the library at school. The band is really starting to get its sound together this year and the students are developing a swinging feel for the music as they played Freddie the Freeloader, Mambo on 57th Street, Don't Rush the Count, and Cantaloupe Island. A smaller ensemble then played Now is the Time and Watermelon Man. The following students performed last night:


Lewis Cordington

Marvin Garrett

Natalie Tavarez

Idenise Vargas


Derrick Bostic

Jonathan Rodriguez

Henry Santos


Stephanie Davis

Jennifer Ramos

April Rose


Paulino Dyraelisa

Eduardo Camacho

Luiz Fernandez*


James Akey

Maura Cintron

Victoria Gomez

Alan Tavarez*

Kelvyn Urena

Louis Hunoz


Phoebe Chung*


Pierina Medina*

John Rodriguez*

Mike Sauzo

* Students who are also in the LC smaller jazz ensemble

Click here to see some pictures from the library performance.

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