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2002 Softball season kicks off with Drama

Written by Dennis Joyce on 04-20-2002

--The 2002 seaon has seen three very close games in the regular season, as all have been decided in the last inning, and even extra innings.

Game one featured Jill and Jesse's big red machine against the Fighting Blue of Leo and Yralee. This game saw three lead changes and lots of excitement. Rookie teacher Eric G. arrived late but still delivered two key hits including a triple, and made two stellar plays in the infield. Jesse's team rallied back and looked to possibly have the game in hand but were unable to hold onto the lead. Joel Ten's early performance in this game as well as his mammoth grand slam in pre season has the critics forgiving Siu Chan for taking leave from this season's stage. Final score in this game was 11-9, as leadoff walk by Teacher Keri seemed to have shaken pitcher Michael Serrano and the rest of Jesse's crew.

----Game two saw the Killer Bees of Jermaine and Deanna take on Hansel and Tyecha's pinstripe squad in another dramatic game featuring the sub-captain debut of Milton Morrell. Killer bees were missing all of their three rotating teachers, hard hitting captain Deanna, and only had the services of Jermaine the Rock for the first 3 innings, and yet managed to tie the game in the top of the last inning. Only an equally amazing last inning response by Hansel and company beginning with Kevin Lewis' leadoff walk pulled out the 2 run victory.

---In the 3rd game of the week the drama increased, as Leo's big blue took a comfortable 3 run lead into the bottom of the seventh, but Milton Jairo Jermaine and homerun hitting Richard had something to say about the outcome, as the four all hit and would have all scored had not Jairo been nailed at the plate from the Roy Rocca to Leo to Yralee relay that stunned the bee's. With the game then going into the 8th inning Leo and company grabbed three runs to seal their 2nd victory, 10-7, and sending the Killer Bee's to a surprising 0-2 mark. --Jermaine called out to his team that now is the time to rally back, the question remains however, as to who is going to show up and play for next wednesday's crucial match-up with Jill's big red machine.

---*** notes -Kyle Gordon is the talk of this early season, hitting safely in six straight at bats, "He litterally owns the opposite field," Teacher Steve remarked, "we are all going to see if he can handle the inside stuff from now on." --9th grade rookies Jason, Kellman and Cecil have the veteran players all shaking their heads at their size and early power. Hansel denied knowing anything about steroid use with his two young rooks, "I gave them some gum to chew on, but that's it." ----Looking at Killer bee rookie females, Deanna stated, "If Martha, Shawnee, and Francesca keep improving like they are, watch out for us in Late May."

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