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Health and Fitness Portfolio

Written by 9th Grade Teacher on 04-24-2002

Zuriel Infante: Student Extraordinaire or just a product of genetic engineering?

In this being the first year 9th grade students are permitted to complete and present a Graduation Portfolio, Zuriel Infante presented and received 19 out of 20 points; receiving a Distinguished on his Health and Fitness Portfolio. His research on Sickle Cell Anemia was cleverly written with easy to understand verses designed for the teenage reader. His creative aspect included a clear illustrative description of healthy and sickle cells travelling into receptors on its way through the bloodstream. Asked for his thoughts, Zuriel replied: "I was nervous and pacing back and forth in the hallway but I'm very happy now." One committee member remarked that the research paper was "more impressive than some 12th grade ones." Surely, for the May 10th Mini-Round, there will be other academic stars to follow.

Zuriel was a Honor Roll student in the Fall semester and is also the lead bassist for the Landmark Philharmonic. He is also a test subject for the Charles Darwin Project.

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